Company Profile

The Cult Movie Network is the destination for movie lovers with a taste for the unconventional, the quirky, the unique. Our eclectic catalogue is unique among movie networks, with selections ranging from high art to the lowbrow, from avant-garde to B-movies. Many of our films simply cannot be found anywhere else on television, and yet, have a rabid fan base.

The Cult Movie Network's target audience belongs to the underground entertainment scene and generally falls between the ages of 18-35. Our viewers are not looking for the everyday. They take their movie-watching seriously, and devote a lot of time and energy to seeking out new films to enjoy. They are hunting for entertainment that pushes boundaries, and this is where they find it; 24-hours a day.

Though the movies we show may not make a big splash at the mainstream box office, they are staples at art-house cinemas, drive-ins and independent video stores. It makes no difference if these movies have low budgets; high entertainment value is what fans are seeking, and our films deliver, all the while taking creative risks Hollywood only dreams of.

These are the movies that measure their popularity in rentals and DVD and BlueRay sales, and in on-line followings. With everything from horror, animation, sci-fi, black comedy, to grind-house classics, no pop-culture touchstone goes unturned, and every cult-film fan will find something to love at The Cult Movie Network.