FAQ - Questions

What does the www.cultmovienetwork.com subscription offer?

A www.cultmovienetwork.com subscription gets you unlimited access to our online video library.

How much is a subscription?

Our subscription is offered for $2.99/month or $35/yr (USD). You will be charged on your credit card on the monthly anniversary date of your sign up.

How long does my subscription last?

Your subscription lasts as long as the credit card information we have on file matches that of your credit card provider.  Please note: ABSOLUTELY NO Credit Card details are stored on this website, they are handled securely via Authorize.net.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please send a cancellation request to info@cultmovienetwork.com

Can I watch videos without being a paid member?

No, you will only have access to video preview(s), the first 5 minutes of every movie.

How do I watch through my Sony BIVL devices on my TV?

  1. Visit https://internet.sony.tv/cultmovienetwork
    • If you are a first time user click “New to My Essentials?” to link your My ESSENTIALS account with your new Sony device;  on the “Registration” page there will be a link called “Where is this?” that will help you find your device registration code.
  2. Sign in to the Sony Internet TV platform.  It should automatically forward you to our site, a page that just has the options: Sign Up or Sign In
  3. Sign In with your "Cult Movie Network" account to complete the association process.
NOTE: If you are having issues associated with your device with your Sony My ESSENTIALS account you will need to contact Sony directly there contact information can be found here http://us.support.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/app/call. sony association

How do I watch The Cult Movie Network movies through my ROKU device?

  • STEP 1

        Associate your ROKU device with The Cult Movie Network Online

    Visit "The Cult Movie Network" from your ROKU device and get the ROKU cod.

    roku association

    Visit www.cultmovienetwork.com/roku/ and enter the ROKU code in to the given text field and click the submit button.

    roku association

  • STEP 2


    If you already have an ACTIVE subscription with The Cult Movie Network, visit www.cultmovienetwork.com/roku-signup and login to complete the association process.

    roku association